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Auto Aircon direct can come to you when your system needs a re-gas. Furthermore, we go the extra mile for you, and will actively look for leaks using a nitrogen pressure test.

You can always rely on Auto Aircon Direct for excellent value. For example, if a fault is discovered during servicing and you want us to repair it, you'll only have to pay for the diagnosis fee at this time. We will only charge you for the air con servicing with your repairs later on.


Vehicles running on R12 gas can now be converted to run on R134a, with a conversion kit.

Call today for car air con servicing at your home or workplace. We offer a 7 day mobile service.

Full or part servicing for your vehicle's air con

To ensure that the air con in your car or commercial vehicle is running as effectively as possible, Auto Aircon Direct offers full or part air con servicing in the Oldham and surrounding areas. For your convenience we can come to your home or workplace at a time that suits you, to carry out any car air con maintenance & servicing. Call today to arrange a visit.

Full range of vehicle air con servicing

Re-gas and leak finding

If we believe there is a leak on your vehicle air conditioning system we are legally not allowed to refill the system with refrigerant until we have tested for leaks. We do this by using Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN). In some cases it is very obvious when you have a damaged component on your system but more often we find it’s necessary to conduct a nitrogen pressure test if you have no system pressure or history of refilling the system. This test allows us to simulate the normal pressures that occur when the air conditioning system is running, making it easier to identify. Once the test is completed we will provide you with a quotation for any necessary repairs.

Why use Nitrogen for leak testing?

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