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Frequently asked questions

How often does my air conditioning system need to be serviced?


You will need to get your air conditioning system serviced every 18 months to 2 years, this will ensure it operates effectively and efficiently.



Why does my air conditioning system smell horrible when I turn it on?


The evaporator located under the dashboard, frosts and defrosts in cycles, as condensation and water run off it the liquid is collected in a tray, before running out of a pipe under the car. Because the drip tray is usually moist, it provides ideal conditions for bacteria to grow, causing the smell. This problem can be solved by applying a special evaporator cleaning and coating chemical, in a particular way.



I have heard that my car will use more fuel by using the air conditioning, is this correct?


Not as much as people would have you believe. In fact, you would use more fuel by driving down the motorway with the window open to keep cool.



Should I run my air conditioning system regularly?


You should run your air conditioning system all year round, to keep the system lubricated.



How long does it take to re-fill my air conditioning system and service it?


If no faults, at least one hour.

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