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The simple reason for servicing air con is to keep efficiency levels high and reduce wear and tear. Air conditioning naturally deteriorates over time. If air conditioning systems are not maintained, they run out of gas, forcing the system to work harder, losing efficiency and therefore using up more power.  An air conditioning system should be run for about 20 minutes per month to keep the system balanced and running smoothly. We recommend air con servicing every 18 months to 2 years for maximum efficiency. Regular air con servicing can also help reduce bacteria thus preventing bad odours.

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Are you worried about transporting your dog in the car in hot weather? With its thick coat, your best friend can stay cool with air conditioning in the summer. There are also health benefits to using air con, especially for those suffering from allergies or hayfever, as many systems are now fitted with a pollen filter. It is important to have your air con serviced when using pollen filters as a contaminated pollen filter can block air flow, reducing the efficiency of your system.

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The importance of air conditioning - in summer and winter

Air conditioning is one of the most important aspects of any vehicle, no matter what time of year. Everybody knows of its benefits in the summer, keeping you cool and refreshed, but many forget its uses in colder weather. In cooler weather air con can provide warmth, dehumidify a car and de-mist the windows.

Why service air con?

Air conditioning deterioration

Other advantages of air con: keeping pets cool and hayfever at bay